Hi Guest, welcome to Sacred-Knights! Have fun!

Welcome to Sacred Knights


We are looking for sponsors who can help us keep the game up and running. Maybe let even more users play this game. If you are interested, or know anyone who is, please let us know luuk@luvare.com.

You can also choose to purchase something in our in-game shop HERE. Thank you.


This version is currently in Delta stage so not all bugs are taken out yet (not on purpose of course). If you find a serious bug please report it to one of the admins.


All forum posts & shouts should be made in English, failure to do so will result in removal of the message or thread. We do this because we have players all over the world and if everyone would speak their own language in the forums and shout boxes it would get real messy.

If you break these rules multiple times you will be punished. Read other rules HERE

Sacred Knights Staff:

flyCreator (Creator of the game)
MacmillaNAdmin (Administrator of the game)