TheDarknessBiatch II


Satanic Lady Minion [15]


FIRST SEEN20 Nov 2018, 07:50:29
LAST SEEN03 Jul 2020, 18:31:08

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ACHIEVEMENTS52 out of 182


ben je lauw a tjap

Be in het life a little bit dankbaar,
While you wakker geworden in a bed there are others who woke up in gevaar.
Life is just wat jij maken of it,
It's not meer or less dan dit.
You are zoveel worth even better dan de coffee of this morgen,
Dus tiger please you niet making to much zorgen.
Leven is nice and zoveel leuker when you stay positief ten alle time,
Just take the touwtjes in jou hands and say this life is mijn.
When leven gooit things in your way, zeg dan gewoon try me it is best wel oke.
There are twee opties jij wint or you learn of a moment dus ga that battle aan,
Just say like the dutchies "we go met die banaan"
So never geef op en blijf gewoon lekker yourself no matter wat een ander think about you,
Cause from hun judgement over andere they become vanzelf wel moe.
While you will lopen met een smile op je gezicht,
Keep your ogen on your own path gericht.

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Impossible was achieved at 05 May 2020, 01:12:52.
You have played 150 days!
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Mole was achieved at 11 Nov 2019, 21:20:52.
You have spied on 10 targets!
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Overachiever was achieved at 30 Sep 2019, 17:50:28.
You have completed 10000 raids!
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Foolishy indiscreet was achieved at 24 May 2019, 23:20:38.
You have made 4,000 shouts!
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Cruelly Efficient Taxman was achieved at 01 May 2019, 11:48:36.
1,000,000 coins collected with taxing!
You can now use the title: TheDarknessBiatch II the cruel