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TheDarknessBiatch II

Satanic Outlaw [13]

Queen of Anger of Dangerous_Anger


FIRST SEEN20 Nov 2018, 07:50:29
LAST SEEN23 Mar 2019, 01:50:18




When jij positive can denken,
Zal the life you many positiviteit schenken.
Dance trough de dag en lett de good vibes beïnvloeden your gevoel,
Only get food wat jij van loved en haal een heleboel.
Be with mensen who love you in elke way,
Nooit mensen begging to stay.
Laat the real houden van you for wie jij are,
Be de enige shining star.
It's your leven dus be the hoofdpersoon everyday,
Be sure jij voelt you every moment echt okay.
Sing your favoriete songs dans your favoriete dance and eat wat jij echt lekker vind no matter hoe mensen judging you,
Put your smile op je gezicht and only say it's mijn leven so screw you.

If you Invest in love it is impossible to fail.


he owned my heart touched my soul my one and only s.k hubby sakwddao <3

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ACHIEVEMENTS45 out of 182

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Liar 1/14 was achieved at 21 Feb 2019, 22:50:13.
Completed a level 2 evil deed!
Wizard was achieved at 07 Feb 2019, 12:41:09.
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You can now use the title: Wizard TheDarknessBiatch II
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Righteous was achieved at 29 Jan 2019, 18:18:30.
Your good actions have earned you 100,000 good alignment rating!
You can now use the title: Righteous TheDarknessBiatch II