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Angelic Sexton [14]


FIRST SEEN07 Apr 2017, 07:08:50
LAST SEEN14 Sep 2017, 12:35:58


Peaceful II (trait)
improves defense and decreases offense
Tough II (trait)
improves enemies attack delay when they attack you
Eager (trait)
improves resource drops from collection professions
Hero (trait)
improves coin rewards from deeds
Knowledgable (trait)
improves base mana
Traveler (trait)
improves travel speed
Secretive (trait)
improves stealth & steal actions


Feel like a song without the word
A man without a soul
A bird without its wings
A heart without a home
I feel like a knight without a sword
The sky without the sun
'Cause you are the one
I feel like a ship beneath the waves
A child who's lost its way
A door without a key
A face without a name
I feel like a breath without the air
And everyday the same
Since you've gone away
I've gotta have a reason to wake up in the mornin'
You use to be the one that put a smile on my face
There are no words that can describe how I miss you
An I miss you everyday...

My beautifull Sunshine,
I met you just but you already got a big place in my heart. I want to face this world together as a team and being a strong couple.
Dear lovely sunshine, do you wanna marry me?
You have proposed to Pikachu the Magical.
Pikachu the Magical says 'yes' to your proposal! You are now married
Pikachu is pregnant!<3

My bro, good person, awesome personality _ZEUS respect for you! Good people are hard to find in this world bro but you are deffo an amazing person <3 My best friend and brother from other parents haha We are one person in many ways

My Sacred-Knights.Net wife Pikachu
A wonderfull person, pure and loveble <3

Tatoo my good friend hè always helps nice to talk with, I will always try help you also mate

Dont you dare to touch them


Other statistics

ACHIEVEMENTS64 out of 182

Latest achievements

Skillfull was achieved at 26 Jul 2017, 22:03:48.
You have completed the first level of 13 skills.
Preacher was achieved at 22 Jul 2017, 10:20:30.
You prayed to the gods 50 times!
You can now use the title: Preacher Jacky
Adventurer was achieved at 21 Jul 2017, 14:59:44.
You have travelled 500 times!
You can now use the title: Jacky the adventurer
Employee of the Month was achieved at 16 Jul 2017, 09:00:58.
You have gathered 5000 resources!
Altar server was achieved at 13 Jul 2017, 13:50:18.
You prayed to the gods 10 times!
You can now use the title: Altar server Jacky