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Change Log ed. 3

Posted by [Admin] fly at 24 Dec 2008, 17:22:43

- Onlinelist
- Deleting messages
- Deed overview page

Change Log ed. 2

Posted by [Admin] fly at 15 Nov 2008, 20:35:25

- First setup for user profiles
- Reading messages
- Replying on messages
- Activating CRON jobs

Change Log ed. 1

Posted by [Admin] fly at 13 Nov 2008, 21:19:07

- Char link function
- Date format function
- Messaging inbox
- Sending message
- Communication menu

First news on delta.

Posted by [Admin] fly at 13 Nov 2008, 19:17:33

This is the first news item on Sacred-Knights.Net δ. I have started production yesterday, so things are coming along pretty well!

Things that are done:
- Account registration
- Activating account
- Logging in
- Creating character
- Logging out
- First site structure
- Own user info
- Rank system (not all ranks are inserted yet)
- Added coins display function
- Being able to die
- Being able to be in a city
- See buildings in city
- Added buildings: town center, town hall, pub, bank, dungeon, graveyard (not working yet)
- Reading news items
- Adding news items (for admins)
- Amount of users online
- Cronjob for keeping user online info up to date