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Change Log ed. 131

Posted by [Admin] fly at 01 Sep 2016, 10:09:01

- Helpticket response number saves to new char

Bug fixes:
- Marketplace resource bidding (starting from 0) fixed
- Header fix in leave empire interface
- Empire events (former members) did not reset when empire disbands through death of leader
- Alignment gain/loss of neutral deeds now correct
- Skills now correctly show their 600 skill level max.

SK re-design - your opinion required!

Posted by [Admin] fly at 25 Aug 2016, 09:44:57

Hi guys,

This month I spoke to a bunch of players what is the biggest pitfall of Sacred-Knights.Net at this moment. Almost anonymously it was pointed out that the design and mobile unfriendliness of the site was a big issue for them recommending the game to other people.

We have heard and tried to answer your calls, by making a first demo of a possibly new design. We would like to gather your opinions about it first, before we start implementing it. So I would love you to message me with your opinion, ideas of improvement, etc.

Links to the design:

Logged out:

Many thanks,


Change Log ed. 130

Posted by [Admin] fly at 23 Aug 2016, 09:36:27

- Pet feeding multiple food items at once
- Referral sign up link in guest mode now shows referrer's name
- Withdraw button does not show in empire bank when not having rights to withdraw (it doesn't work anyway)

Bug fixes:
- Casting a target spell on somebody not in the city no longer costs mana
- Ordering in graveyard deaths
- Showing of dead signups in tournaments
- Purging potion affect works now
- topic posts now contain breaks properly

Change Log ed. 129

Posted by [Admin] fly at 17 Aug 2016, 08:58:21

Bug fixes:
- Docks/Harbors boats are now no longer on route all the time
- Buying & upgrading traits (from honor) fixed
(If you bought a trait and don't have it's affect in your affects list please contact me (through a ticket) and I will check your account)
- Polls now appear at the bottom of a topic if the bbcode is not placed anywhere
- all your titles don't disappear anymore when disbanding an empire
- crafting recipes fixed for potion brewing (everything no longer gives random potions)
- jousting delay is now correct corresponding your skill level

- Raidleader now marked in the participants list
- We measured our first NPS score (Average of 7.7 was the score!) I've contact a few people that gave bad scores and we are working on those to improve our score even further.