City features

1. Workplaces

Here you can use your gathering professions to gain resources, which will allow you to use in crafting professions.

You have to be part of the gathering profession and have a license in order to work in that workplace.

Gathering Professions = Mining, Hunting, Herbalism, Farming

2. Construction

Here you can help empires construct buildings in their city.
The more users that help with the construction, makes the progress increase.

Unpaid construction:

Here you can do a unpaid construction.

Paid construction:

Here you can do a paid construction,which means the empire gives you coins for helping on the construction of their buildings.

Please note: Sometimes you will only be given the option of a unpaid construction.

3. City Centre

Here you have an overview of some in-game information.

Make hometown

Here you can change your hometown to the city you are currently in.

Set Will

The will receiver will receive a large amount of the coins on your bank when you are killed.

4. Pub

Here you can see the pub overview and here you will find the Gambling features.

5. Bank

Here you can deposit and withdraw coins from your bank.

Donate Coins

Here you can send coins to another user.

Empire vault

Becomes available when you are in an empire.

6. Arena

7. Horse Racetrack

Here you can create a Horse Race.

New Race

You need to select the fee that everyone who signs up to the race has to pay.
You also need to select the number of participants in the race 3,4,5,6

Each participant will be sent a event outlining where they placed in the race.
Only users who finish 1st in the race will receive coins.



Here you can view past races within the Horse Racetrack.

8. Jousting Track

New Challenge

Here you can send Jousting invites to other players.

Remember:Practice jousts will not effect your jousting rating!



A record of past Jousts will be displayed here.

9. Chapel


Here you can propose to another user (from rank 6 and onwards), the cost of proposing is 100,000 coins.

A event will be sent to the user with the option to accept the proposal or to reject the proposal.


Here you will be able to see all the marriages preformed in the chapel.

10. Blacksmith

Here you can buy a wide selection of armory.

Armorer's guild

Weaponry's guild

11. Jeweller

Here you can buy a wide selection of jewelery.

Jewelcrafter's guild

12. Wooden Wall

Here you can post a message for everyone in the city to see when they visit the wall, the cost of posting a note on the wall is 5,000 coins.

Remember the communication rules still apply, you can visit them here.

13. Moat

You can only visit the Moat once per day, which gives out a daily reward.

Please Note: There may be occasions, when you do not obtain a daily reward.

14. Toll Bridge

This building tracks people that enter the city and asks non-citizens for appropriate toll.

15. Dock

Here you can travel to oversea countries (without the need for a Pet)

You do have a waiting time until your boat leaves and once the ETA time is up it will automatically place you within the city you selected.

16. Stables / Dragon Den

Here you can buy a wide range of Horses with your hard earned coins.

When this building is upgraded to a Dragon Den also dragons will become available for purchase.

17. Marketplace

Here you can safely place any Pets,Equipment and Resources you no longer have a use for.

The highest bidder at the time the auction ends automatically gets sent the Equipment, Pet and Resource.

18. Watchtowers

This building gives citizens from this city an extra offense bonus.

19. Statue

20. Tailor Store

Here you can buy a wide selection of bespoke clothing.

21. Dungeon

Here you can see a list of users who have been sent to the dungeon and the amount of time they have to stay in the dungeon.

You all need to work together as a team in order to get people busted out of the Dungeon, which you may also get yourself caught in the process. The busting system is unknown.

Remember: Dungeons are city specific.

22. Graveyard

Here you can see a list of users who have been killed in the city.

You can also sign a message in their Condolence Register.

Remember the communication rules still apply, you can visit them here.

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