1. Invite

With this feature you can send invites to players within the game that you would like in your empire, just need to make sure you have enough coins in the empire bank to send the invite.

2. Members

With this feature, you manage your members, for example you can give them certain rights within the empire.

3. Manage positions

With this feature you can rename the positions to suite your own way of running an empire.

4. Relations

With this feature, you can sign a treaty with another empire, quickly informing your members if you are at peace or at war.

5. Options

6. City management

With this feature you can build/upgrade buildings and assign funds.

Please note: You can only use this feature if you are the primary empire in the city. (You will not have access to the city management section if you are a sub-crew in the city.)

7. Earn List

With this feature, you can find out who has earned the most coins for the empire, it will also workout the daily average.

So in theory, you could give out bonuses to the member who has earnt the most coins for your empire.

8. Announcements

With this feature, you can quickly send empire information messages to your members, it will pop up onto any screen the member is currently on, so their is no chance the member will miss it.

Remember the communication rules still apply, you can visit them here.

9. Leave Empire

Here you can leave the empire, you may need to ask a member of the higher-ups within your empire structure for permission or there may be a leaving fee.

If you are the leader of the empire, you will have the option to disband your empire.

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