1. Deeds

This is one of the primary features in the game. By succeeding deeds you get closer step by step to becoming a real knight. Be careful that you don't fail your deeds because it will give you a nasty time in the dungeon and will even make your way to go on ranking much longer.

There are three different kinds of deeds Good, Neutral & Evil.

Example - By doing a lot of evil deeds your alignment will become closer to evil.

Deed leveling...
- higher level higher rewards
- bonus rewards on level completion

Deed difficulty...
- Easy
- Normal
- Hard
- Impossible

2. Taxes

You can earn lots of money with it if you have a large amount of buildings. You can receive property during the game. The buildings are located in certain cities and taxes they stockpile over time can only be collected by going to the city it's located.

3. Skills

This is one of the most important features in the game if not the most important. Here you learn new features. When you start the game you will have to learn the basic skill. After learning this you will have many skills to choose from.

You can buy these and train at choice. When you trained certain skills enough it can unlock other skills with even greater powers or features. Training can be done once in a while by just clicking on train at the skill you want to train.

4. Quests

You can also call this single-player quests. If you follow what is outlined in the quest then you will succeed.

While on a quest you gain Honour Points. It's not always the case that you succeed the quest but failing is not a shame and will not make you weaker.

Remember: You can only gain a maximum of 500 Honour Points per day!

5. Raids

You can also call this is a MultiPlayer feature to complete missions.

The missions - the leader of a Raid group can choose are extended with a difficulty modifier where easy missions will require about 3 people of the appropriate skill and medium the original 5. Higher difficulty will result in bigger rewards.

Instead of starting and immediately knowing the result of a mission, all members will now have to do contributions to the mission. When the mission reaches a 100% completion, rewards will be given. Per member the influence (contribution) on the mission is tracked and has influences on visible and invisible rewards.

A mission also has a deadline before the mission has to be completed and periodically the goal (completion %) will go down. This makes it impossible for certain groups (if too small for instance) to do certain missions. Also you can look at the mission history of the Raid group.

6. Inventory

The inventory page is a showcase of all items you possess.Here you can equip and remove items and also sell them for half the worth of the item. Also you can give items away to other players.

There are 19 different item slots:

Please note: You may have to repair the durability of your items.

There are lots of different items to be found on the game with all different effects. The items are categorized in five rarities:

Common: Items easily found in the shops

Uncommon: Only found in expert shops

Rare: Not found in shops

Legendary: Very rare and hard to get.

Fabled: Extremely rare and almost impossible to get.

7. Pets

With this feature it will give you a overview of the Horses/Dragons bought within the Dragon Den, you have to tame the pet before you can allow them to compete in a race at the Horse Racetrack, Jousting Track and you can also select a trusty pet to aid you on Traveling the land.

8. Attack

This feature becomes available after being experienced enough in the attacking skill. With this feature you can attack another player.

There are only two different results. You can kill the person you attacked or you can fail. This result is calculated with a system not known to anyone so it is hard to predict.

If you attacked another user their is a small chance of becoming weaker yourself. So make sure you don't kill too much or you will be an easy target.

9. Travel

You can travel to other cities with this feature. Also when you click on the city name you see what buildings are located in that city making it easier to find what you are looking for.

For ranks 0 to 6 it is free to enter a city even with a toll bridge.

Once you reach rank 7 or higher the amount of coins it costs to travel increases by an additional 250 coins per rank, this means Rank 8 would cost 500 coins, Rank 9 would cost 750 coins and so on.

Sneak by the guard
When succesfully sneaking past the guards you will not have to pay for entering the city and you will not get logged in the history tab. But if you fail you end up in the dungeon.

Please note: Random traveling events can occur.

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