1. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any actions that happen outside of the game. All problems caused by your participation in the game are your own. Please do not try to recreate or re-enact any events or actions that you see within this game... It can't be simpler, don't be violent.

If illegal content is placed on Sacred Knights by it's users we do not take responsibility and will remove that as soon possible on request.

All donations made by pay pal or Sacred Knights phone must really be considered as donation. There is no possible refund and canceling payments will be fought and attached accounts will be banned. If tokens are lost in anyway by a crash or a bug, we are not responsible for the loss of those tokens. We will do all in our power to trace-back not funded tokens and award them if the claim is correct.

2. Account

Multiple accounts

One person may not ever use more than one account. Players may not play another player’s account. Swapping, giving away or selling accounts will not be allowed.
Any violation of the above will be treated as a case of multiple accounts and will result in the following punishments:

Main Account (Terminated)
All Other Accounts (Terminated)

Push Accounts

Creating accounts for the sole benefit of another Player or keeping inactive accounts active for that purpose are not allowed.
Accounts that are used only to benefit other Players will be terminated, along with the Player gaining the benefits.

3. Communication

Excessive cursing or flaming (insulting for the sake of insulting) will not be tolerated in any in game communication (Forums, Messages, or Chat Area).

Spamming in any form isn't allowed. This could lead to serious technical issues, the penalty for this is severe.

Begging random people for items via messages, the forums or within the chat area is not allowed and is considered spam.

Prejudice comments are not welcome on Sacred-Knights. Prejudice includes, but is not limited to: racism, sexism, ageism, and any other comments based upon the sex, race,nationality, religion, or creed of a group or individual. If you have opinions that could be regarded by Staff to be prejudices, please keep them to yourself while interacting with others in the game. In addition, racist names will not be allowed (i.e. naming your user name as niggersmustdie).

Profile signatures may not be more than ten lines, so please keep in mind that not all players use the same monitor resolution when making your signature. Additionally, please do not make any line of your signature long enough to stretch the screen of other players.

No pornography. Sacred-Knights is for players age 13 and older and therefore may not have pornography. If there is any question in your mind about the acceptability of a comment, picture, or link, just don’t post it. Violation of the above will be punished based on the severity of the offense.

Advertising in any form with the communication tools is not allowed. You are allowed to place links to other sites in your signature, but limited.

4. Scams

No impersonating the staff or other players.

No scamming other players. If you say you will do something, you best be prepared to do it.

The above offenses are punishable. This punishment will be decided upon by the staff and will be based of the severity of the offense.

5. Cheating


A macro is a program that plays part or all of the game for you. A refresher is a program (most often an add-in to your web browser) that reloads a web page at set intervals. Use of these programs gives players an unfair advantage and is strictly forbidden on all levels.
The anti-macro protection page is designed to prevent players from using a macro. If you fail to follow the directions on the Page, you will be sent to the dungeon by the system and it will be logged.

Of course the anti-macro page isn't fail-proof and any person bypassing/automating these checks will receive the highest penalty.

Players caught using a refresher will have their account terminated.


To report a glitch/bug to the staff, please use the report a bug section located under buddylist in the main game, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Any player found exploiting or advertising a game glitch/bug will have there account terminated.

6. Quitting

The staff will not delete accounts upon request. If you wish to stop playing, simply enter settings in-game and enter your details at the end account page and your account will be terminated. Abandoning one account to begin a new one is not permitted until after the original account has been terminated.

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